Tonight: Asian Teacher Factory

So as the editor of this humble yet growing music blog, I had a decision to make.  I could have writers cover a "festival" that everybody already knows about, albeit a relatively big one, or we could cover all of the other great musical events going on this weekend that will get significantly coverage because of the show at Piedmont Park.  I opted for the later for two reasons: 1. anybody who really wanted to go to Music Midtown should have made the trip to Pensacola, FL for the DeLuna Fest, which features not only many of the top names of Music Midtown, but also most of the decent bands that have played in Atlanta the past few weeks (Fishbone, Blackberry Smoke, Ben Folds Five), but also the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Band Of Horses, OFF! (and Redd Kross), Bad Brains, Mike Doughty, and Band of Skulls (just to name a few).  Clearly Pensacola has one-upped Atlanta this weekend, and unless you were looking to see Garbage, T.I., or Luda, DeLuna was the way to go.  And of course, there's reason 2. There is so much other great stuff going on this weekend!  This is almost as busy a weekend in the A as Labor Day weekend was.  With the likes of Brother Ali, Morbid Angel, and Circa Survive coming into town (not to mention Amon Tobin on Thursday), there are tons of shows lighter on the wallet than a mediocre attempt to bring back Music Midtown or traveling to Pensacola. For example, tonight's show at the Five Spot, headlined by Asheville psychedelic instrumental trio, Asian Teacher Factory.  Asian Teacher Factory is a bit of a concept band; they guitar, drums, and keyboard trio They talk about a robot factory run by school children in their band bio, and describe themselves as a "...trio dedicated to furthering the psychedelic mind in asian science education".  They are reminiscent of post-rock acts like Tortoise and Don Caballero, but are a bit less abstract (and to some perhaps more digestible); infusing John Medeski like keyboard grooves and brightly colored trance inducing echoes that would make as great a soundtrack to a highlight reel from 2001: A Space Odyssey as it would to an America man on hallucinogenics walking through the streets of Tokyo.  They often carry a looming heaviness that alludes to the earliest forms of the psychedelic art form, but never broach into the realm of anything overly "heavy" by today's standards (unlike Don Caballero).  Atlanta's own Denver Jam (which features members of the eclectic jam ensemble Bodega Roja), and Alabama based experimental groove band The Juice fill out the bill, which promises to be as progressive as it is entertaining.  Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10, and it will cost you $8 at the door.

sean mcgill